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** Lisa the Lightworker: Promoting Healing of the Body, Mind & Spirit **
Are you following your bliss?
Are you leading a happy, enjoyable, low-stress life?
If you're looking to maintain that, fantastic - Lisa can help!

If you're looking to attain that, excellent - Lisa can help you as well!

Life is too short to not be living it to the fullest and being the best you you can be. What are your stressors? What is your discomfort? What are your troubles? Why haven't you achieved and manifested your desires? What happened to your serenity?

Let Lisa help you find your way back to a healthier and happier you and help you get where you'd like to be. She is a DNA ThetaHealing practioner, a Reiki Master and also encorporates Quantum Touch, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine techniques. There are so many ways to begin to feel better - what are you waiting for! Take that first step towards a new you by contacting Lisa and setting up an appointment!

“I'm looking forward to helping you activate your natural self-healing abilities!” says Lisa.

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