I’ve been thinking the past number of months about finding peace. It’s been a tumultuous summer filled with a loved one being very ill and trying to maintain my sense of balance in order to be a support and crutch of sorts.

Life isn’t always packaged in beautifully embossed wrapping paper and gossamer bows. Sometimes it’s mud surrounded by more mud and you have no choice but to dredge through it and occasionally ruin your favorite shoes. If we’re lucky, somewhere between the two is where the majority of our days fall. We wake up, hopefully rested enough to tackle another day doing something we love, spend time with those we love doing things that give us a sense of purpose and do the same again day after day. But, sometimes life puts what seems like an insurmountable obstacle in our path – cars break down, lay-offs at work, someone dear is ill. Life happens.

So when life happens and those things that make the sun not seem as bright occur, what do you do? Where do you find your peace?

I can tell you that many times this summer, I’d sit down hoping to just regroup and focus my mind back to center. I’d be so tired, I’d just fall asleep and do it all over the next day. The days were spent at several hospitals, hours of testing, a later surgery and weeks of chemotherapy as my loved one went through cancer – again. I believe that all things happen for a reason, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I wasn’t too pleased that this was happening again to someone I love.

But cancer doesn’t discriminate. Your age, gender, race or religion don’t matter. Instantly, any plans that were made are canceled. Priorities shift. I’ve noticed over the years that everyone shows up for a funeral, but we don’t prioritize sharing birthdays and other events. We get so wrapped up in our own issues – and I know just how easily that happens.

So I sit now, typing this on my laptop and watching the leaves that have been changing colors while I’ve been too busy to barely notice fall lazily to the ground. I hear the wind blow and am reminded to take a deep breath and exhale the stress. I see the bright sun and instantly smile. At this moment – my calm is found is a beautiful Chicago fall day.

It wafts up in the steam from the cup of hot tea beside me. I can smell the peppermint and again, let the stress go. Right now I can sit and think about the good things in life and allow a sense of peace to envelope me. I have one of my favorite meditation CDs on. I try to keep from doing what the music makes me want to do – close my eyes and simply melt. (It’s hard to finish a blog post with my eyes closed.) But soon, I’ll give in. I’m finishing my tea and will light some nag champa incense (my favorite) and let the peace wash over me.

What helps you through times of stress? What do you do to keep that balance in your life? Where do you find a sense of peace?

Love, blessings and peace,

First let me say that I’m horrible about going to see movies. I really like a lot of them, but just rarely make the time to go see many in the theatre when they’re released. I had no interest in the film Avatar when I’d first heard about it. Granted, it was solely because all I knew was that it was about blue people who fought. It just didn’t grab me until I saw a full trailer and had more information regarding its plot.

I finally saw it and saw it in 3D this afternoon. Part of the impetus was that I would like to see a few of the movies up for the Best Picture award at next week’s Oscars. So I come to its beauty and its lessons later than most.

As I sat watching this stunning movie, all I kept thinking was “this is a movie every healer should see now.” By the time the movie ended, the thought had changed to “everyone should see this now.”

Forget that it’s a visually amazing film – especially in 3D. Forget that it has a sci-fi feel. Forget it is about a distant planet and a race called the Na’vi. Picture it as a story of human-kind where one group feels they’re worth more than another. This could be a story of class, race, religion, of rich of poor.

One group – those from the US – decide that there is a need for unobtanium and that it can only be found on Pandora, a distant planet populated by the Na’vi. Although there are scientists who want to study the planet and learn about the natives and come in proverbial peace, there is another group who doesn’t care about what means are taken to get the unobtanium – even if it means killing the Na’vi to do so.

The scientists and one handicapped and untrained marine link in to Avatars that look exactly like the Na’vi to give them the ability to study the planet and to learn and work amongst the Na’vi. The marine is the character you feel for the most. A man unable to use his legs who can now run and who learns to live as one of the Na’vi. It is a story of love and hope. It has a spiritual feel that is very connected to nature and its powers.

It’s about taking a stand. It’s about standing up for what is right. It has lessons about equality, humaneness, empathy, tolerance, acceptance and love. In fact, the phrase ‘I love you’ doesn’t exist for the Na’vi – they say ‘I see you’ meaning not just physically seeing another, but seeing into the person for who and what she or he is and accepting that.

So may we all learn these lessons and ‘see’ each other. There are no better-thans, just equal-tos.

Love, light & seeing,

Many of us are searching for the quintessential place where unconditional love and peace lies within us. Many of us spend much of our lifetimes searching for how to get there. We take time looking for how we can approach all things in life from this place. In his new book, Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold, Krishna Das shares how he went from feeling lost, depressed and directionless to finding that space of pure bliss.

Chants of a Lifetime, released today from Hay House Publishing, depicts the path Krishna Das took to find himself. He spent his youth floundering as he searched for meaning – even going as far as experimenting with various drugs in order to find that lighter version of himself where he could be happy with the life he led. His journey eventually took him to India in the early 1970’s where he studied with the Maharaj-ji.

Having always had a love for music, Krisha Das, soon found one of the ways he could connect to his inner self was via chanting Kirtans (Sanskrit for “repeat”, Kirtans are the repetitions of the Divine Name). It was a crucial turning point when it was requested that he participate in hours of chanting Hare Krishna and he found himself struggling with what so many who are newer to meditation struggle with – quieting our minds. He writes more about what participating in these Kirtans forced him to do – finally be able to quiet his mind to fully meditate and raise his consciousness.

Krishna Das shares his further struggles with having to return to the USA and feeling unready for the challenge of having to leave his beloved guru, Maharaj-ji’s side. He continues to share lessons he received and what’s he’s now able to pass along and teach other from his experiences.

Krishna Das has been traveling and touring and sharing his chanting since 1997. He has released several music CDs, a few books and even a DVD. Included in this new book is a CD containing over an hour’s worth of just beautiful chanting. His voice reminds me slightly of Bruce Springsteen’s and I can see why one should not be driving while listening, because it has just the effect one would want – it’s incredibly hypnotic. He has a tour schedule on his website – http://www.krishnadas.com and I’m very interested to hear him when he comes through the Chicago area in April.

He lives what he talks about – leading others to chant in a way that brings about a pure meditative spirit. His life experience is one many can relate to with each of our own personal struggles in searching for meaning, love and even a path to the Divine. His book also contains a glossary, a suggested reading for further information lists and other valuable information.

You can visit his site here – http://www.krishnadas.com His new book, Chants of a Lifetime: Searching for a Heart of Gold, on his website or at you can purchase the book from Amazon.com here – http://tinyurl.com/ykqs563 or Hay House publishing has special offers here – http://promos.hayhouse.com/chants/.

I’m off to restart the CD and meditate! Namaste!

Hello everyone!

I have some exciting news to share! One of my favorite publishing companies, Hay House, recently was searching for people who might be interested in reviewing some of the company’s releases. Being a huge fan of many of it’s authors and books/CDs/cards, I instantly expressed an interest and was chosen to be a reviewer.

Years ago, I used to work as a journalist and this really appealed to me because I again am able to get to combine several things I love – writing and sharing about new things in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds. I want to let everyone know that my sense of integrity will not allow me to write something positive if I feel it’s far from. You will always get my honest view, even if it means I would no longer be participating in the program.

Next you will get to see a review of the first book I was sent – I really think you’ll appreciate it as much as I have!

Love & light,

Here in the US, people have been making their plans or buying their food to prepare for one of the huge feasts of the year – Thanksgiving. I think it really is a perfect time to reflect upon the year. It’s been a very tough time with so many out of work and struggling just to keep food on the tables for everyday meals.

This is always an extra special time of the year for me. I suffered many years never knowing what was always making me sick to my stomach. Thanksgiving weekend, 1999, I finally found out the culprit and was able to start my path towards a healthier life. This year marks 10 years since my diagnosis of Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease that flattens the villi in the small intestine. People with this disease can’t consume foods with wheat, rye, barley, oats or their derivatives. It may sound rough, but believe me, not knowing what was making me sick was a lot rougher. So I have a lot to be grateful for.

What about you? I have a little assignment for you… take out a pen or pencil and some paper. Start writing down at least 10 things you have to be thankful for. Go ahead, I’ll wait. Then come back and see what I’ve shared and some ideas for things you can do to give back at this time of year. There’s nothing like helping someone else to truly put you in a space where you appreciate what you have.

Have you written your list? How many things did you come up with? Excellent! Doesn’t that feel great? Now read that over daily. Share the list at your Thanksgiving meal – or any meal – with your family, let each member make their own list and start a new gratitude tradition.

My Gratitude List

  1. I have my health.
  2. I have my family, as kooky as we can be at times, I couldn’t be more grateful to have each and every member.
  3. I have dear friends.
  4. I have a roof over my head in a relatively safe neighborhood.
  5. I have a warm bed to sleep in and warm water to bathe when I wake.
  6. The furnace keeps me warm in the winter and the air conditioner keeps me cool in the summer.
  7. There is food on my table and plenty if someone was to stop by.
  8. My car may be old, but it still goes.
  9. I have mobility.
  10. I live in a country where I have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. I freely use both.
  11. I am grateful for those in the branches of the armed forces as well as the police, and the fire department for being there to help keep all of us safe.
  12. I have faith and believe that I’m here for a purpose and to achieve something. For me, it’s not the destination, but the journey.
  13. I am grateful for doctors and veterinarians who keep people and our beloved pets in good health and hope there’s a time when everyone on the planet has access to good health care regardless of their ability to afford it.
  14. I am grateful to teachers – where would we be without those selfless individuals who work tirelessly to make each generation more knowledgeable then the last? I am grateful for my mother, my first teacher – now the city of Chicago’s children are lucky enough to have her full-time.
  15. I am grateful to be loved unconditionally. I am love.

Shift Your Attitude to Joy and Gratitude

  • Life is short, speeding up and driving faster will only get you there a few moments sooner and risks those in cars near you.
  • When you travel, stop to look outside. This world is a beautiful place. Visit somewhere new or visit your city as a tourist and appreciate it with new eyes.
  • Don’t just rake the leaves and bag them – dance and jump in the piles and remember the simple joy of them crackling beneath you.
  • Sing! If you can’t remember the lyrics, make them up! Think of the saying by William Purkey, “dance like no one is watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like no one is listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.”
  • Write down all the great things about yourself and read the list often. We’re often too hard on ourselves and need to be reminded of our great characteristics. Start each with “I AM”… powerful, strong, decisive, loving, kind, honest, etc. We are what we tell ourselves we are, so make it good!
  • Help others – there’s nothing that can lift you from your own troubles like doing something selfless for someone else. Volunteer your time. There are so many charities that can use the extra help this time of year. Find a food pantry, a soup kitchen, a shelter or any similar place and give your time. If you have children, bring them if it’s ok. Let them experience giving and appreciate what they have.
  • Start a food or clothing drive at work or within an organization you belong to and donate the items collected.
  • Let your child understand about those less fortunate and free up some space in your home by letting your child choose which toys she or he has outgrown and donate them. Just check to see what items can be donated.
  • Go to a senior citizen home or nursing home and spend a few hours brightening the day for seniors. some aren’t fortunate enough to have their families live locally and would love being your adopted grandmother or grandfather. Volunteer to help them shop or shop for them or take them to appointments.
  • Visit a local orphanage or shelter, see if the children there could use winter clothing or books or toys.
  • Visit a teen center and be a mentor. We all have something we can teach. Be the loving positive wonderful influence you are and pay it forward. Join a big brother/big sister program.
  • Do something green. Help our planet. Purchase reusable grocery bags, mugs for coffee, bottles for drinks and sacks for lunches and use them! The less paper, plastic and styrofoam we use leaves the planet a little healthier. One of my favorite sayings is a Native American one, “we do not inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children.” Let’s do our parts to leave a little less of a carbon footprint.
  • And take time for yourself. Meditate, do yoga, exercise, write, listen to music. If you don’t take time and take care of yourself, you won’t be at your best to help anyone else!

Please share what you’re grateful for and what your traditions are that make this a special holiday!

Love, peace and cheers to the beginning of a great holiday season to all.

You’ve probably read about, thought about and even seen on Facebook mentions of making a wish at 11:11 on 11/11. But why? What’s so special about that date and those numbers?

In numerology, 11 is a master number. Master numbers (11, 22, 33 and 44) carry a higher vibration than their single-digit counterparts. The number 11 can either be a 2 on a normal day that represents a duo, a pair. Under a 2, we are changeable and adaptive, but indecisive, we’re understanding, gentle and cautious, it’s a day where we follow instead of lead. Under the 11, there’s an other-worldlyness to the day that can inspire us, make us more dreamy and discerning, we can be more creative, intense, aware and have a far more activated sixth sense.

During 2009 (2+0+0+9=11), we’re living this duality of having one foot on the planet and the other up in the air; just feeling and experiencing all the universe has available in abundance. The energies are constantly shifting as we’re getting ready for our individual transformations and what is still to come.

On Wednesday, November 11, 2009, we’re experiencing 11:11:11 – and that will be incredibly powerful. We’re heading into such a powerful shift that just begs to be taken advantage of. It’s a number we have to live up to. This is a day for quick decisions. It’s a time to adjust our attitudes so that we can create the results we desire for our futures. It’s a time for financial settlements and agreements.

There are emotional considerations as we seek balance and meaning. It’s a time to explore things we have dreamt about doing, but perhaps hadn’t taken action to pursue. It’s a wonderful time for developing our psychic and intuitive selves. That door to the other world is currently open and our guides are ready to speak if we’re prepared and ready to listen.

This may be a trying time for those who are not prepared for some of this to happen. However, you have the power to channel all of your energy into something that will bring you happiness and fulfillment. You will be able to accomplish great things if you set your mind to do so.

So make a wish, make it something realistic and attainable and make it happen. I hope your wish comes true quickly!

There’s still time before the year ends to work with me under this 11 master number, that 2009 is, to get and keep you in the state of peace and relaxation you’d like to be in, so call and make an appointment today!

Love & light,

I put myself first.

Pretty bold statement, right? That’s something I don’t usually do though. And I’m sure I’m not alone. There are always important things to take care of- we must work to pay our bills, we must take care of those who need our help, we must eat, we must sleep. But when there is so much on our proverbial plates, how much is really accomplished well and where do you fit time in for yourself?

I kept asking myself that question and I kept noticing I was last. And that was hindering me from accomplishing some important goals. This led me to reevaluate some situations occurring in my life and start, as my grandmother would say – “prioritizing.”

As I did so, I realized that so many of us go through this.

There is often a contradiction between what we need to do and what we want to do. There are ways to accomplish both. Sure, you may need to invest in a good dayplanner, but it can be done!

This is something you can do alone or with help from me. First, you need to set your goal or goals. If there are many, rank them as to their level of importance. Secondly, start mapping out exactly what you’re going to do to get yourself there. Those small goals will help you reach your end.

One of mine right now is my weight. I’m setting small goals and I’m using combined methods of exercise, proper diet and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). The reason I incorporate the latter is crucial – we all have a story behind what we’re doing – or not doing. This applies to EVERYTHING! Do you want a better job? Would you like to return to school? Are you trying to quit smoking or drinking or taking drugs? And even – are you having trouble setting goals or even knowing what you want?

We all have strong belief systems. Those systems are formed over years and years and are the combined totals of all of our experiences. Some beliefs you may not even realize you still carry or even that you have to begin with. EFT utilizes a series of tapping on very specific acupuncture points that help reset the emotional charge that goes off when we have a particular thought. Accepting the thought and loving ourselves despite it can make a big difference towards making real progress.

I’ll share mine with you. I am a perfect size 12 underneath some “safety padding”. That safety padding is excess weight I’m working on releasing (I say releasing because saying losing implies I want it back). And if I really analyze how I feel, it’s true. So I have what’s called a dual belief. My logical, conscious mind is determined to stay on-track and release the excess weight. However, I test positive when I body dowse* to “I want to stay this weight”. What that tells me is that my subconscious mind has other thoughts on the issue of me releasing this weight. One by one, as I tackle those using a series of taps, it will be easier and easier to release the weight for good. It will still take time, but it will happen.

And the same can work with whatever issues are keeping you from success and happiness. EFT is something very easy to teach and usually doesn’t take more than a quick session or two to get you started on the path. Once you know it, you can use it for anything and everything. Sure, it can always help to have someone guiding you and I’m available for that as well.

Consider it. Consider yourself. Ask yourself if you didn’t have to worry about a paycheck, what would you be doing that would bring your joy and fulfillment? And next, let’s get you there. Life’s too short and this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

Love & light!

*Dowsing is something anyone can learn. It is a way of obtaining yes, no, or maybe answers from a source such as dowsing rods, a pendulum or your own body through muscle testing (kinesiology). Once you’ve grown accustomed to using any of these methods, you can easily get answers from your inner self that can help in your growth and well being. I will be talking more about several methods and how you can learn to dowse soon.

How have you been since Mercury went into retrograde in early September? Have you felt a little “off” but really had no idea why? The feeling that something just isn’t quite right is very common during this period. Typically, Mercury retrogrades – travels backwards – three times during the year. This year, it’s traveling back a fourth time. This trip is during Libra and it affects communication the most. Do you feel like you’re not being heard or understood? Are you mistaking someone else’s words. It’s certainly possible during this period of time.

Keep in mind that Mercury does begin traveling forward on its normal course starting September 29 and the energies that are currently flowing will slowly resume to something a bit more comfortable.

However, Mercury in retrograde doesn’t have to be negative. I feel it gives us the perfect time for a redo. We have the opportunity to take a step back and look at what we’ve already done and figure out whether or not those things were in our and our loved ones’ best interests. We can fix things things and prepare to be stronger and have some loose ends tied up.

This ties in perfectly with what today represents numerology-wise. Today is a 9. A 9 represents endings. Tomorrow will be a 1 and it’s the opportunity to start fresh. So make the most of today!

Remember my current special Retrograde Refresh offer is going on now through the end of September. Schedule and complete an in-person or distant session to receive your personal numerology and a bit about what your coming year will be like FREE! Schedule with a friend and you’ll each receive 10% off!

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Love & light,


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Love & light,