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** Lisa the Lightworker: Promoting Healing of the Body, Mind & Spirit **
“It was very relaxing and I feel hopeful for results now and in the future. It was even better than I had hoped!” - Linda D.

“Different experience; will like to learn more and do another session. I felt something while [Lisa] was working on my feet. I liked when Lisa told me about myself.” - Maria D.

“Looking ahead to relief and relaxed feelings. I may try again for 30 minutes to an hour.” - Earl S.

“It almost put me to sleep. I loved how it made my lower back feel.” - Audrey G.

“That hoodoo, voodoo sh*t you do? I don't know what you did, but I've never had the pain again.” - Anon

“It brought out and up the things I've been holding in! The best part was releasing the thoughts of the past and feeling the energy (I got chills). You are amazing!” - Shari K.

“It was my first time and I was intrigued. It was relaxing.” - Marc F.

“Very relaxing, gentle, soothing, and informative; feeling of warmth. Great work, would like to learn more about self-practice trainings.” - Anon.

“Very relaxing. Lisa seemed very knowledgable and centered. I want a longer session.” - Olga P.

“Very relaxing. The feedback afterwards was the best part. Thank you.” - Anon.

“I could feel the heat coming from Lisa's hands. She was able to accommadte me to find a way that I was comfortable during the session.” - Cynthia F.

“I know the healer and enjoyed the session.” - Andy B.

“It freed up a lot of feelings, emotions and energy for me. The best part of the session was when I felt my heart opening up - I was praying for people - receiving light imagery.” - Michelle B.

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